About Us

The Coroners' Officers Association (COA) was formed in November 1997 to enhance the understanding of the role of coroners' officers. In 2007 coroners' staff were welcomed as Full members. The name of the Association was changed in 2011 to Coroners' Officers and Staff Association.

It was clear that we should operate to a consistent and minimum standard and it was therefore agreed to set up a national training programme to achieve a measure of standardisation across the country. We are working to develop a range of training courses - of which there is more in the Training Section on this site.

We have worked with the respective Government departments with responsibility for the Coroner Service and were mentioned in the Tarling Report. We have worked with the Home Office, Department of Health and other Government departments as well as the Association of Chief Police Officers and Local Authorities as a professional body representing the perspective of coroners' officers and staff.

We contributed to the Fundamental Review of the Coroner's Service and gave evidence to the Shipman Inquiry. We were involved in the drafting process of the new Coroners and Justice Act (2009) and the Department of Health proposal for changes to the death certification and the introduction of medical examiners

There is of course a good deal more to do but we can only progress if we grow as a body of professionals. Why not join us and add your voice to ours and positively affect the future for all staff working in the coroner service?

We do not wish to take the place of any trade union or the Police Federation. Our position is that of a professional body.

The objects of the Association are to:

  • advance the expertise of coroners' officers and coroners' staff
  • formulate and promote continuous professional development for coroners' officers and coroners' staff
  • pursue national standards of working practices for all coroners' officers and coroners' staff
  • pursue national standards of pay, terms and conditions for all coroners' officers and coroners' staff
  • act as a negotiating and advisory body when required
  • act as liaison on matters concerning coroners' officers and coroners' staff with any relevant government department or other organisation or association

Our new 2013 constitution is available to download here

Coroners' Officers and Staff Association